Fright Nights: Why I Still Watch Most Haunted

In the section of the BB blog, I dedicate these posts to our thousand-year old fascination with the paranormal. I shall share my adventures with ghosts (yes, there are plenty of stories) as well as encourage you to tell me your ghost sightings too!

But let’s start off with why we are so in love with the paranormal and ghosts.



Why we like to be petrified…

Why are we drawn to them so? Do we look for comfort in an every unsettling world that there is something after death? Do we cling on to the fact that our loved ones who pass over might just come back? Or is it simpler than that, that death and fear (and not necessarily combined) will sell to the human psychology time and time again?

Nope. We like to push our emotions to the edge. We love to be terrified. We adore elements of life that we can question, debate, argue over, we go away and ponder for days, weeks, years over something we think we’ve seen or heard. Why? Because our lives are dull? No. For me, as a Goth – death is a part of life. A part of existance. We celebrate it. Because it is a part of us.



Most Haunted – Most Entertaining

I have been an avid fan of Most Haunted for as long as the show has been running. Where once I had cowled behind the back of the sofa in stiff fear, now, I fall asleep during reruns. Not because I have lost interest in the show, far from it. Now, for me, it is escapism from my PR day job and dare I say it, relaxing viewing. You don’t have to think about it when you watch the programme, do you?

Fred will spend most of the show attempting to open the gates of Hell with his incantations (usually in front of the most jittery member of the crew – Darren – or Shaggy, as he is known in my household.) Yvette and Karl (who were at arm’s length during earlier shows) spend long vigils having a domestic where Karl often taunts her with mentions of ‘I’ll just lock you in this haunted cell for a bit, love, don’t worry, I’m just outside the door…’ I am sure couples have divorced on a lot less… But no one can fail to give a nod to Stu and Karl – the likely lads of MH. I simply adore the way that Stu has lost all his hair over the years (and Karl now whiter than Father Christmas) who comes out with the most pessimistic quotes of the whole show; ‘it’s picking us off one by one, you know. We won’t get out of here alive…’

most haunted1

It is, in short, Scooby Doo for adults. You can also imagine the ghoul saying at the end ‘I would got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids…’

Watch this video (if you missed the show before.) Throws a whole new light on not only the show, but the topic of psychic ability and mediumship.

Yet, despite what the sceptics think. Some things are true whether you believe them or not.

(Thanks Derren Brown we actually WANT to believe!)

Then there are the mediums – Derek Acorah and David Wells (I have been very lucky to have worked with the latter.) One very different from the other. Derek takes ‘Evie’ on a rollercoaster of character formations, disembodied speeches and possessions a la Penny Dreadful – a little tongue in cheek, but so entertaining that it simply urges you to get a couple of motion detectors and hunt down the nearest National Trust mansion.

Series 24 started last month, you will be pleased to hear…

What was that???? Orbs or dust.. you decide…


It is exactly what the Victorians would have loved to watch (had they invented TV.) I can imagine my great great grandparents jumping up and down behind my sofa as I watch with glee. For a Victorian Goth like me, it’s no wonder I adore this show. Fake or otherwise.

So what if it actually fake and all those whistles, bumps and footsteps (and ah, the knocking!) Are the work of the crew off camera? Do we really care? So why do we watch it? Well, for me, it’s ‘ultimate Goth viewing.’ If there wasn’t an MH on my Sky planner, I would be drifting through the nights sipping Jasmine tea and reading The House On The Strand. It’s compulsive viewing. I cannot think of a better way to while away an evening after my conformist day than subjecting my eyes to an hour and ten minutes of night vision camera work. Just trying to work out if Yvette is wearing the same baggy trousers and clogs as last week, fills me with joy.

Until Really TV comes up with a more enlightening show for us lovers of the other side, I shall watch and re-watch all my MHs until it no more holds my attentive mind.

Are you a love of Most Haunted, or do can’t stand it? Does it make your hair stand on end because of the excitement of the show or does it stand up in irritation? Leave me a comment, I would love to know!

Personally, I will keep on watching…

Love and Absinthe,


BB x