About Me

13920863_1079809578763660_7218752784799174786_nMy name is Michelle and I am a PR and Communications Manager as well as a Publicist with a glittering past career in the spotlight working in many high profile situations and events.

What’s so big about that?

Add that mix of many years of long anti social hours, bringing up an autistic son, single parenting, a long-term diagnosis of M.E and a tendency to Gothic subculture which comes with its own complications, and you have a strangely weird yet compelling life.

Up until 2018, I ran a highly successful business coaching consultancy until I was offer a job at Party Pieces in Berkshire in the Summer of that year. My work prior to that included managing the public communications for the Surrey 2012 Team at the London Olympics amongst other weird and wonderful jobs.


I have sold many books over the years about parenting Autism since my son’s diagnosis of the condition in 2010. I have won awards for my work with Autism and PR including a membership at The Institute of Leadership and Management. I was also the infamous editor of The Vintage Eye Magazine (above): the first magazine to embrace ordinary people and turn them into stars of the stage and business world. But that’s just the tip of it all.

I started this blog primarily to capture the impact that the Gothic subculture had on me as a teenager growing up in the 1980’s and how it has been affected by my career in the corporate world. The two world clashing on a regular basis has had me reaching for my diary on numerous occasions.

So much so, that the pull to starting a blog about it was too great that I had to back down11224359_878740162200570_434143609150911909_n and get typing about it.

In here, you will find everything you need to know, help and guide through the process of everything that the above holds and connects with you.

If you are here for a giggle or even comfort, you will find it.

With love,

Michelle x