How To Be Beautifully Gothic During The Hot Summer Months


I dread the summer.

You would think that being a Goth in the Northern hemisphere would be an easy thing to cope with. All those endless dull days of drizzle and cool breezes is perfect for showing off that Victorian coat of mine. But hang on! I haven’t got anything for the summer!

Currently, in my wardrobe, I have a large selection of black boots – mostly knee high with varying laces, skirts which have to be lined or they will simply cling unresponsively to my woollen-tighted legs. I have tops – collared, laced (which are lousy for hot weather) long sleeved (because the Victorians refused to show anything in polite company) and what colour? Oh yes, black.

Do you think that during the 19th Century, it was permanently cold? I’ve pretty much read every Dickens novel (even the one he didn’t finish – God, that was frustrating) and not once did one of his characters say ‘Christ, it’s hot…’

So how on earth do I cope with the Summer? How do any of us who remain true to our Victorian tendencies during the endless heat without reaching for the shorts and Wham! Tee shirt?

Well, there are still items worth scouring eBay for when the time of year comes around. This year, for the summer, I am off to warmer climes (only because there is only so much drifting about the Scottish Highlands you can do before you get fed up with the rain.) Frilly edges around Primark tee shirts are really not that bad. So long as there is a hint of Victorianism, I am happy.

So, there is a way of keeping the Dickenisan look without sweating underneath – looks that Mary Shelley would be proud of. It just may mean that the gothic steampunk coat that gracefully sweeps the floor each Autumn will just have to take a rest indoors.

Here are a few of my favourites…



victorian boots.png


victorian top



victorian dress.png


victorian top2.png