How To Be A Goth at Christmas (oh yes, we do love Christmas!)

For any years, Christmases at home were dull affairs. As a Goth teenager, actually all I wanted to do was sit in my bedroom and play records. I couldn’t sit at the phone and call my Goth friends because the only phone in the house sat at a telephone table in the front room and the world and his wife were in there. Everyone would be able to hear you sharing your teenage angst, finding rather funny no doubt. Yuk.

Christmas and the elder Goth

As I got older and had my own Christmases and older still and have my own children, I figured out that if my son wanted to sit in his bedroom and eat nothing but curry for Christmas dinner, then that was fine by me. Of course these days, he can chat all day long to a mate in Denmark over the net and I don’t have to worry about a massive phone bill!

So, as an elder Goth, what does Christmas mean to me now? It’s a questions I have often pondered over. I guess my ideal Christmas would be nestled in a Welsh cottage half way up a mountain surrounded by howling winds and snow drifts with nothing but a large roaring open fire and a first edition collection of Victorian Christmas ghost stories and a candle to read them by. I would sit in my black finery with a ruff at my neck and ease myself back into the corners of my leather wing backed chair and with my wolf at my side, read Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe until the morning light against the backdrop of the whistling wind and owl hoots in the forest near by.

Gothic Christmases in the 21st Century

So, what’s the reality? Well, I might get a turn at the family turn table so I can whack on a couple of Clannad records but Nine Inch Nails would be out of the question – even their slightly commercial concept album would be considered too racy for the rest of the normals to bear. So, I would have my Dickensian Christmas inside my head and ignore the fact I can hear Paul McCartney on every channel and wish for my idyllic Christmas for the following year…

What about Gothic Christmases now?

So, do I have any advice for Goths for Christmas? Yes, I think I do. When you are a teenager, I guess you have to play along with whatever the rest of the world wants you to do. There’s nothing truly around that These days, one can talk to one’s friends anywhere any time, so things have certainly changed, possibly for the better. I would have loved to have had something like Pinterest in my hand so I could spend hours gazing at darkly Gothic frocks, black heels and accessories and dress myself up like something from a Bronte novel in my head. I think what I am trying to say is, is that Christmas can be anything you want it to be.

For me, it was always about the Winter Solstice. The closing of one season and the start of another. I would have loved to have decked my house in black tinsel, glowing candles and ghost stories.

I think there is much more you can do these days within the realms of creativity. Long gone at the days of running through heaps of black eye liner around your room for a Gothic feel.

Many you have a beautifully dark Goth Christmas and a gracefully peaceful New Year.


BB x




Goth images I love on Pinterest…

Gothic reath

Gothic snowflakes

Gothic tree decorations


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